Episode 36: Help Young Adults Build a Financial Foundation | Larry M. Jacobson Author of Growing Success


Larry M. Jacobson, author of Growing Success, helps young adults build a financial foundation.  He is an author, educator, motivator and public speaker.  He’s helping young adults figure out life and establish a financial future for themselves.  Developing financial awareness is a critical skill in today’s society, and is a subject that is rarely discussed in school.  Larry … read the full article…

Episode 94: Don’t Dwell on the Past | James Maioho, Author of Winners Give Up!


James Maioho is the author of Winners Give Up! which is a little play on words there. I think most people would stay that winners don’t give up, but in this case it’s giving up the baggage or things that you are holding on to that are holding you back from achieving the things you … read the full article…

Episode 84: Stop Job Seeking and Start Networking | Tom Dowd, aka Transformation Tom, author of Displacement Day


Thomas Dowd is the author of his book, Displacement Day. It’s about trying to recover from losing a job and going out job hunting. One of the things that I thought was very interesting was the way he would go about job seeking and how he recommends others do it as well. It’s the difference between … read the full article…

Episode 77: Thriving Out of the Recession | Richard McKinnon, President of System 1 Interiors


Richard McKinnon is the owner and President of System 1 Incorporated. Because of Richard’s business sense, he realizes the importance on people to people interactions. That and advice from his father have helped him and his business get through the recession and thrive.

System 1 Interiors specializes in interior home remodeling including acoustic ceiling removal, plaster ceiling … read the full article…

Episode 30: The Language of Success | Greg Clowminzer from GregClowminzer.com


Greg Clowminzer shares some of the common problems entrepreneurs face and how he’s able to help them overcome those problems.  One of the biggest suggestions Greg makes for entrepreneurs is to use the appropriate language for success.  Learn the language of success according to Greg in Episode 30 of the Defining Success Podcast.

Business Coach … read the full article…