Episode 101: Tribal Marketing | Daryl Urbanski


In Episode 101 of the Defining Success Podcast, Daryl Urbanski shares his entrepreneurial journey and discusses the importance of tribal marketing.  Tribal marketing is a marketing strategy that attempts to create social communities centered around a product or service.

Daryl Urbanski

Daryl Urbanski is a #1 Bestselling Business Author, Business Coach, Martial Artist, Tribal/Database Marketer, Entrepreneur, & Student … read the full article…

Episode 96: Outside Your Comfort Zone | Niveen Salem, Multi-Level Marketing and former Chevron Executive


Niveen Salem is in the MLM marketing business, so the multilevel marketing business. During the interview she talks about personal development and how important that is to success. You know improving yourself, making yourself better, and she’s going to talk about getting outside your comfort zone and more in the interview today.

Niveen Salem is a … read the full article…

Episode 79: Social Media and ROI | Brian Basilico owner of B2b Interactive Marketing


Brian Basilico is the owner of his own social media company. One of the things we talked about was return on investment, and looking at ROI when you are using social media and actually for many things you are probably doing.

Brian Basilico is the owner of B2B Interactive Marketing. B2b Interactive Marketing combines audio, video, interactive, … read the full article…

Episode 66: Incorporate Mobile Marketing Into Your Business | Greg Hickman Host of Mobile Mixed


The host of Mobile Mixed, Greg Hickman shares his insights into mobile marketing and how business owners must start to incorporate mobile strategies into their internet marketing campaign. Learn from the best when it comes to developing your mobile marketing strategy in Episode 66 of the Defining Success Podcast.

Greg Hickman

Greg Hickman is … read the full article…

Episode 46: Real-Time Marketing | Author David Meerman Scott


David Meerman Scott is a marketing strategist, advisor to emerging companies, best-selling author of eight books including three national best-sellers, and a professional speaker on topics including marketing, leadership, and social media. In Episode 46 of the Defining Success Podcast, David shares his ideas on real-time marketing and how you can use real-time marketing to help … read the full article…

Eighty Bugs Song Universal in Microsoft’s New International Marketing Campaign

An update from former guest on the Defining Success Podcast, Eighty Bug.  Eighty Bugs song Universal recently got picked up by Microsoft for their new, international marketing campaign.

For those of you that need a refresher on Eighty Bug, she appeared in Episode 38 of the Defining Success Podcast in the episode titled – “Episode 38: Having Multiple Passions is Okay! | Eighty Bug from 80bug.com.

Eighty Bug

Eighty … read the full article…

Episode 29: Relationship Marketing is Viral Marketing | Christopher Mance II from Nichevertising


Christopher Mance II is trying to get entrepreneurs to build power connections and work together to market together and give them a chance to get their products and services to go viral.  Nichevertising is attempting to use relationship marketing as a way to manufacture viral marketing by bringing businesses together to reach out to consumers.

… read the full article…

DSP Chosen by Inc. as a Podcast That Will Make You Smarter, Better, and Wiser

Several very cool things have happened to me recently:

Held a successful golf tournament, the Southern California Charity Golf Classic where we raised $7,591.81 for charity.
Named Chairman of the Board for the Chino Valley Chamber of Commerce.
And became a dad to my amazing son, Sebastian.

I’m a lucky guy.


In addition, Lolly Daska from Inc. Magazine included The Defining Success Podcast as the #9 podcast in her list: 100 Podcasts That Will Make You Smarter, Better, and Wiser.  Lolly says, “Listen to these 100 podcasts and … read the full article…

Episode 113: The Three Ways You Can Make Money Online | Nick Loper


Nick Loper

Nick is an author, entrepreneur, and a lifelong student in the game of business.  His latest role is as Chief Side Hustler at SideHustleNation.com, a growing community and resource for aspiring and part-time entrepreneurs.

Nick Loper joined the online world while he was working for Ford as a side hustle in the Summer of … read the full article…

Episode 110: Feed a Starving Crowd | Author Robert Coorey, MBA


Robert Coorey

Robert Coorey is the author of Feed a Starving Crowd, More than 200 Hot and Fresh Marketing Strategies to Help you Find Hungry Customers.  The book covers more than 200 ways businesses have become successful marketing their products or services in today’s economy.  Learn how to feed a starving crowd in Episode 110 … read the full article…

Episode 108: From Scarcity to Abundance | Ellory Wells


Ellory Wells

In Episode 108 of the Defining Success Podcast, Ellory Wells shares how he lost his job and took up a career in online marketing.  Learn about his transition and how he’s living in a world that’s  transitioning from scarcity to abundance.

Ellory Wells was born and raised in north Texas. He loves technology, gadgets, cool … read the full article…

Episode 106: Capitalizing on Great Ideas | David Frood from The Thinking Corporation


In Episode 106 of the Defining Success Podcast, David Frood discusses capitalizing on great ideas.  David is behind The Thinking Corporation which advocates creating a system whereby employees and others can bring ideas to corporations for the benefit of all involved.  Learn how you can start capitalizing on great ideas in your organization.

David Frood developed The … read the full article…

Episode 105: Create Moments that Matter | Andy Hayes from Plum Deluxe


Andy Hayes

Andy Hayes is the founder of Plum Deluxe.  Plum Deluxe is the website that helps you create moments that matter. We believe that the key to living a life you love is all about making time every day for great moments. From a mindful minute with yourself to special occasions shared with friends … read the full article…

Episode 99: Going After Your Goals | Jake Bramante from Hike734.com and National Park Guide Creator


In the interview today Jake and I talk about going after your goals. Jake Bramante lives very close to Glacier National Park. Glacier National Park has 734 miles of hiking trails, and Jake traveled all of those in one year, 2011. He’s the only person to have done that. He shared the experience of going … read the full article…

Episode 98: Try New Things | David Horne, Entrepreneur, Marketer, and Writer


David Horne has his own marketing firm and he’s working on a new startup project called Fan Pack. They’re getting celebrities or people with a large internet following to join up with them and create packs of goods that are sent out to their fans. It sounds like a really cool product and service. He’s … read the full article…