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Episode 62: Don’t Get Attached to Outcomes | Creativity Coach & Author Dr. Eric Maisel

Dr. Maisel shares his thoughts on creativity and how developing a process and sticking to it regardless of outcomes can help you to become creative.  The struggle with many creative people is that they expect something to happen when they create something and when the outcome doesn’t match their expectation they get discouraged.  Don’t get attached to outcomes. Learn how to explore your creativity in Episode 62 of the Defining Success Podcast.

Dr. Eric Maisel Don't Get Attached to Outcomes

Dr. Eric Maisel

Dr. Eric Maisel is the author of more than 40 books. His interests include creativity and the creative life, the field of creativity coaching which he founded, and natural psychology, the new psychology of meaning that he has recently been developing.

Eric started out as a novelist early on his career, but it wasn’t paying his bills.  He then decided to become a psychotherapist.  He recognized that no one was studying creativity and he began studying and learning creativity.  He eventually moved out of psychotherapy and became a creativity coach.

Creativity in the business world is meant to be innovation and/or problem-solving.  Creativity to artist’s is manifesting potential.  Creativity means the results and the desires to manifest ideas so they turn into tangible products.  Most creative people are stuck because they don’t know what to do, they are not able to work and they have difficulty in the competitive environment.

Dr. Eric Maisel Don't Get Attached to Outcomes

Dr. Eric Maisel

Dr. Eric Maisel suggests that creative people start a process where they work early in the morning every day.  By creating this habit, creative people can avoid being stuck in a pattern where nothing gets accomplished.  Another thing Eric suggests is to continually think of the meaning behind the things you create.  Establishing a meaning will help guide the process and make it important to complete.

Eric suggests that creative people start in the morning is because at the end of the night of the night most of your brain cells have already been used.  At night, people are thinking and working in the morning will help take advantage of that thought process.  Lastly, if you do something in the morning that is creative and has meaning you will be much more positive throughout the day.

There are two kinds of typical creative coaching sessions, the first session gives the client the opportunity to air their concerns so Dr. Maisel can address them and create a plan for subsequent sessions.  The regular coaching sessions will be about the issues he identifies in the first meeting.

A woman came to one of Dr. Eric Maisel’s workshop and she created a novel set in World War II and the book that came out of this was called the Puppet Boy of Warsaw.  And the pound amount of her two book deal was a phenomenal amount.

The most regular thing that Dr. Eric Maisel encounters in his coaching session are people who have tried to be creative for years without having much success.  They are looking for practical advice and emotional support in the process which Eric has been able to offer them.

Natural psychology does a better job explaining what the meaning of life is.  It shifts the idea from seeking meaning to the idea of making meaning . . . more specifically, value-based meaning.

Dr. Eric Maisel runs the Life Purpose Bootcamp.  Life Purpose Bootcamp is about getting a good handle on your meaning and your life purpose. Eric uses process to help him understand how his life purposes get manifested day in and day out. Don’t get attached to outcomes.

Creativity Coach Dr. Eric Maisel

Dr. Eric Maisel

Engaging Discussion Questions:

  • Have you ever found yourself getting attached to an outcome?
  • Do you have a process?
  • How are you creative?

Links to Great Stuff: EricMaisel.com – “Dr. Maisel, widely regarded as America’s foremost creativity coach, maintains a coaching practice, trains creativity coaches, and provides core trainings for the Creativity Coaching Association.” Suggested Reading: For Depression and Sadness: Rethinking Depression and The Van Gogh Blues: The Creative Person’s Path Through Depression For Creativity: Coaching the Artist Within: Advice for Wrters, Actors, Visual Artists & Musicians from America’s Foremost Creativity Coach and Secrets of a Creativity Coach Success Quotes:

  • “Success is making yourself proud of your efforts.”
  • “Most people can’t white knuckle creativity.  You have to do it because you love it.”
  • “Natural psychology focuses on our meaning needs and tries to articulate what meaning really is and how we can have more of it in our lives.”
  • “Life purposes are not given to us.  They’re decisions.”

Episode 40: Building a Creative Community | Henry Valdez from Creative Minds & Visions

Creative Minds & Visions is a clothing company designed for people who want to live the creative life.  Henry Valdez has been able to bring countless people who are creative and talented to support his brand and has built his business by getting creative people to work with him and for him.  Learn how to building a creative community around your business can help make your business grow.

Henry Valdez from Creative Minds & Visions Clothing CMV Clothing on Building a Creative Community

Henry Valdez

Henry Valdez is the owner of Creative Minds & Visions, a clothing company located in Brea, CA. CMV Clothing is helping people live the creative life by sponsoring actors, athletes, musicians and people who make their living doing what they love.

Henry got started in the clothing business on a whim because he liked clothing and art.  Henry loves the creative process and has dabbled in art and has always loved and admired people who were willing to put it out there.  Henry began working with Michael Divine and Kelly Mort and they inspired each other to build a clothing company behind their work.

Creative Minds & Visions is working to become a global brand in the surf industry and street wear scene.  He would like to be in Japan, Europe and foreign countries who like American design.

The type of people who wear Creative Minds & Visions clothing are people who are creative, forward-thinking and people who think outside of the box.  Henry likes people who question authority and question everything.

The best selling item Creative Minds & Visions has up to this point is a women’s tank top called Long Road.  It’s a great fit for ladies who love it.  On the men’s side, it’s a tie between the Hometown shirt and their Cali Bear Hat.  People that live in the state of California love both of those shirts.  People who live in California have been representing California a lot more recently.

Creative Minds & Visions sponsors several amazing people.  Chris Culley is an amazing person and an amazing fighter.  He trains extremely hard and he’s a great guy to work with and he recently won the title for BAMMA USA.  Jennifer Argenti is an amazing athlete, musician and world-class surfer.  Micah Brown is an extremely talented musician.  And Adrian Olmos is a saxophone player and an incredible musician and you can rarely see anyone who’s as talented as he is.

Many players on the Anaheim Angels have worn Creative Minds & Visions, many famous musicians have been wearing their stuff and many other celebrities and people of influence.

In the beginning, Henry thought he had such a great response for the designs they created and people liked them too much that he thinks he may have ordered more merchandise than he should have.  He thinks it’s a bad decision, but also a blessing in disguise.  He thinks it was a mistake, but now they have merchandise which has helped him grow his business.

In the Native American culture, they look at illness and failures as a blessing and he takes that very seriously with his business and understands that mistakes will happen, but that those mistakes will give him an opportunity to learn.

There have been so many people that have been attached to designs and no matter what they’ve done, Henry has found that people have loved and connected with their shirts.  Overall, Creative Minds & Visions has created a lot and people who he really respects have given him great feedback and it gives him a great sense of satisfaction.

Bonnaroo has been the greatest experience for Creative Minds & Visions.  It was a great accomplishment for CMV Clothing and for them to get their product together and to have the impact they did, it was a huge success.  They reached customers in twelve new states and three more countries.  It was a great learning experience and was amazing.

Henry Valdez and Chris Culley on the Defining Success Podcast with Zeb Welborn Creative Minds & Visions CMV Clothing Building a Creative Community

Henry Valdez and Chris Culley

Engaging Discussion:

  • How important is creativity to your business?
  • Do you think having like-minded individuals who can help your business?
  • What do you think it takes to live the creative life?

Links to Great Stuff:

  • Creative Minds & Visions – Creative Minds & Visions Clothing is located in Brea, CA devoted to spreading creativity and encouraging others to Live the Creative Life.
  • BAMMA USA – “BAMMA USA is a Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) promotional company specializing in creating live entertainment featuring both professional and amateur combatants.”
  • Micah Brown – “Micah Brown’s music derives from the blues, rock-n-roll, and outlaw country that drenched the garage while wrenching with dad growing up. Micah has quickly made his ever-broadening audience take notice of his brash and unique, dexterous way around a fretboard. He’s also become known for his milky smooth, deft command of his voice, using it to express passion, emotion, and positive inspiration.”
  • Jennifer Argenti – “Featured in concert by WILLIE NELSON. ‘Instrumental Artist of the Year’. WSA Surfing Champion. Top 4 in 2011 Quiksilver USA Surfing Championships.”
  • Bonnaroo – “Imagine a magical, peaceful city of 80,000 happy people that pops up out of a 700-acre Tennessee farm for four days every June. Fill it with multiple stages jumping with 150 acts, music legends and up-and-comers. Along with comedy, film, theater, visual arts, rides, food, fireworks and more.”
  • Michael Divine – “Michael is at the forefront of a resurgent creative wave that draws it’s inspiration not just from art theory and intellectual ideas but also from the basic principles of what it is to lead a healthy and vibrant life. His spirited and vivacious artwork falls in step with a long tradition of artists who base their work on their interpretive visions. His paintings – with their imaginative wonder and deeper spiritual underpinnings – reference ancient traditions, modern artistic explorations, and contemporary themes.”
  • Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim – A Major League Baseball team located in Anaheim, CA.

Success Quotes:

  • “Success is when you find something you’re passionate about that you can turn into your career.”
  • “Success is where happiness and passion meet and collide with your goals and your career.”
  • “We try to be good people and the type of people who we want to attract to our business.”

Special Requests:

Creative Minds & Visions Clothing, CMV Clothing, Building a Creative Community

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