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Episode 44: Build a Buffer When Starting a New Business | Bridget Brady from

Bridget Brady can help you make money online and can help you improve your voice for presentations. She discusses how to build a buffer when you’re becoming an entrepreneur and finding a realistic way to starting a new business.

Bridget Brady Starting a New Business Defining Success Podcast Zeb Welborn

Bridget Brady

Bridget Brady runs two successful companies, and She is a speaker, trainer, author, singer, actor, voice expert, and a presentation and sales authority. She has also worked as an actor, singer and project manager in New York and Los Angeles.

Bridget was doing a lot of work in Corporate America.  She spent 15 years in Corporate American prison as a software developer and project manage and spent 7 years in Wall Street.  She worked in Wall Street during the day and was a theater girl at night.

Bridget left her job in Corporate America because she never felt fully-fulfilled and from 7 to 10 years it worked out really well and she like it, but after 7 or 10 years she started waking up with a pit of despair thinking about going into her cubicle for 10 hours.  She knew it was something she couldn’t do anymore and she thought to herself there must be a way to make money.

She knew she wanted to make money to live a lifestyle she loved and have the freedom to pursue what it is she wanted to do.  She stumbled upon the idea of starting a new business by owning her own Internet business and it gave her the freedom the way she thought it would.  She works from home, works when she wants to and doesn’t work when she doesn’t want to.

Bridget helps people make online incomes and she actually sets people up with affiliate websites, and helps them develop strategies to make money online.  Bridget meets a lot of people who think they can just jump into the online world and start making money right away, but that’s not the case.  It takes a lot of work to make money online.

If you talk to any of the amazing thought leaders and successful thought leaders in the market.  They will tell you that being an entrepreneur is not easy and it takes a lot of work.  The beauty of an online business is that it’s a 24 hour a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year way to bring in money, but it takes a lot of work.

An online business is just like a brick and mortar business and it requires a lot of work to make it happen.  The difference between an online business and an offline business is there is much more freedom with an online business than a brick and mortar business.

Bridget encourages people who are interested in starting a new business online is to get a mentor.

Bridget Brady on the Defining Success Podcast Starting a New Business

Bridget Brady

Bridget Brady also  has a voice and sales training company.  Her business grew out of a gap she saw in the sales and training business.  She learned to harness her speaking skills and there are many classes and courses that will teach you how to sing and act.  She learned how to help speakers have a more powerful voice and how to use that voice to help sell their product and services.

The biggest mistake people make vocally is speaking and using their voice from their throat and having the voice initiate from their vocal chords as opposed to using their entire body and instrument to help them speak.  She hears a lot of people speaking from their throat.  That is the biggest mistake she sees people make.

The biggest mistake Bridget made was that when she started her entrepreneurial career was that she didn’t set up herself for success as an entrepreneur.  Starting a new business is not easy, when she started her entrepreneurial career she had been let go from her job and she had no buffer to start her entrepreneurial journey.

Bridget went through some difficult years and it was a difficult time for her.  For anyone who is thinking of becoming an entrepreneur, save money so you can have some money set aside to start your entrepreneurial journey.  A lot of the people who Bridget coaches make a substantial amount of money very quickly doing things online.

She is a real life full-time entrepreneur and she’s extremely proud.

Bridget Brady More Online Income the Voice Genius Starting a New Business

Bridget Brady

Engaging Discussion Questions:

  • Have you ever thought about being an entrepreneur?
  • How important do you think having a strong voice is in business?
  • Have you tried to make money online?  What are your thoughts on making money online?

Links to Great Stuff:

  • – She has helped 1000’s of people earn money online, 
    and can teach you to do the same!
  • – Bridget Brady ~ aka, “The Voice and Sales Genius” is a Speaker, Trainer, Author, Singer, Actor, Voice Expert, Presentation and Sales Authority. She spent 10 years doing theatre in New York City, 12 years as an actor and singer in Los Angeles, as well as 15 years working as a Project Manager in Corporate America (including 7 years on Wall Street in New York). 

Success Quotes:

  • “My success is based on how many people I’ve helped.”
  • “Success is living a life of my choosing.”
  • “Entrepreneurs are changing the world.”
  • “Your vocal chords are about the size of a standard paper clip.”
  • “Find someone who is making money using the Internet…and have someone who knows how to make money online help you get started.”
  • “The Internet is a golf mine if you know how to extract the gold.”

Sushant Misra from Interviewed Me!

I was recently interviewed by Sushant Misra from

Sushant Misra Trep Talks Zeb Welborn Welborn Media Defining Success Podcast How a High School History Teacher Started a Successful Social Media Business

Sushant Misra

“Sushant Misra is an entrepreneurship evangelist, accomplished serial entrepreneur, dynamic speaker, published author, syndicated columnist, and philanthropist. Sushant is best known for founding and hosting Trep Talks, a web based video interview show featuring successful digital entrepreneurs. Sushant is also an experienced eCommerce professional. He is the founder of and has helped Canadian retail giant Hudson’s Bay grow their eCommerce business. Sushant is a seasoned Yoga and Energy practitioner and has lived in 4 countries on 3 continents. – See more at:

I had a great time being interviewed by Sushant as he asked me how I made the decision to get into business for myself and my progression as a business owner to where I am at today.  Sushant has interviewed many successful entrepreneurs, including Tim Ferriss, author of the 4-Hour Work Week.

I’d love for you to check out the interview and leave your feedback for Sushant and share your thoughts on the article with us on the Defining Success Podcast Facebook page!

Check out, tell Sushant Zeb sent you and listen to my interview with Sushant titled, How A High School History Teacher Started A Successful Social Media Business? – Zeb Welborn 


Zeb Welborn is the President of Welborn Social Media and The Tutoring Solution.  He helps passionate business owners become successful by harnessing the power of the Internet to reach more potential customers and develop stronger relationships with current customers. Zeb is also the founder and host of Defining Success Podcast.

For more information about Zeb Welborn, visit Welborn Social Media, or email him directly –


Episode 43: New Businesses Must Set Goals | Will Mitchell from StartupBros

Will Mitchell is a serial entrepreneur.  Learn from Will why new businesses must set goals in order to become successful. Learn how Will has implemented goal setting in his businesses to build more effective, successful companies.

Will Mitchell, StartupBros, Zeb Welborn, Defining Success Podcast, Businesses Must Set Goals, Entrepreneur

Will Mitchell from StartupBros

Will Mitchell is the owner and co-founder of StartupBros.  He has been an internet entrepreneur since he started skipping school to build businesses in the 6th grade. After numerous business engagements at 22.  Will launched StartupBros, a community for aspiring entrepreneurs to learn from like-minded people.

Will started skipping school to start businesses when he was way too young.  He had a lot of failures and through his failures he has achieved some success.  Will became interested in business at 12 or 13 years old and he started skipping school because he became disenchanted with it.  He saw a lot of potential in business and he knew that was where he wanted to be.

When he was younger, Will started importing goods from China and became very successful until China banned the exporting of the product he was importing.  He then went on to start a business called, an eBay for fashion, which didn’t go very well.  He the started a clothing company which also didn’t go very well.

The realization that came to him which helped him overcome his business failures was that he realized that he needed to create value for other people which he wasn’t doing with his previous businesses.  All the business ideas he had that failed were ideas that he thought were cool, but they weren’t ideas that would help anyone.

StartupBros are trying to help as many new entrepreneurs as possible.  They are pulling in people who were successful on their own and they take their knowledge and break it down to see what they would have done if they could start all over again.

Will has some clients that they help one-on-one, a mastermind that will help students, a new book that they’re hoping to sell and they’re offering a new product on how to import services.

The #1 thing Will would tell people is to create value for people first and foremost and then learn to create ways to make money off of the value you’re giving to others.

The biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make online is because they don’t actually know where they go or what they are trying to accomplish as they are working.  Knowing where he wants to be in 5 years and 10 years helps him become more consistent.  Businesses must set goals in order to be successful.

Will has set goals at different times of his life.  He wants to get StartupBros to the point where they can continually teach entrepreneurs how to succeed.

Will works with entrepreneurs in a one-on-one scenario, but he’s hoping to convince more people to connect with the products and services he’s offering through StartupBros.

The biggest mistake Will had was losing his business focus.  He considered going into politics and it made him very cynical.  Learning to not let the world impact him as much has made him a better person.

Will was involved in a company called which went public and he was very happy about that.  StartupBros is the first business project that is connected with his personality and he’s very proud of what he built.

Will Mitchell Businesses Must Set Goals

Will Mitchell

Engaging Discussion Questions:

  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years?  10 years?
  • What do you think it takes to be an entrepreneur?

Links to Great Stuff:

  • StartupBros – “The only way to achieve success and freedom from corporate machine is to READ OUR BLOG POSTS! Well, maybe that’s a lie… but really, you need to learn how to leverage your knowledge and the knowledge of others and turn it into value and a cash income.”
  • – “Affluence is a private social network where accomplished individuals connect, share information, and engage in meaningful conversations. Our members also enjoy exclusive, high-quality content and feature advice from industry experts on subjects such as art, technology and travel.”

Success Quotes:

  • “As entrepreneurs you have to force yourself to live outside of the world around you.”
  • “That’s a big disconnect is being able to connect the value you create and the money you make.”
  • “Success is accomplishing a goal.”

Special Requests:

StartupBros You Don't Need a Job, Businesses Need to Set Goals



Rey Ybarra’s Conversations with Shark Tank Winners Book Launch

Rey Ybarra, (Episode 31) invited me out to the Conversations with Shark Tank Winners book launch in the Northern Trust Bank in downtown Los Angeles on September 17, 2013. The event was attended by many people who had appeared on Shark Tank, including, Jennie Nigrosh from the Green Garmento, Jim Tselikis from Cousins Maine Lobster, Brandon Marz from Marz Sprays, Aly Lessor from Cozy Bug, T.J. Hale, the host of the Shark Tank Podcast, and many other successful entrepreneurs and business owners.

Rey Ybarra Conversations with Shark Tank Winners Book Launch Zeb Welborn

Rey Ybarra and Zeb Welborn

The event was a blast, as we got to mingle with some of the Shark Tank entrepreneurs and we even had a panel discussion with several of the business owners themselves where they shared how they got on the show, the impact the show has had on their businesses and how excited they were to be in Rey’s new multimedia book.

Rey appeared in Episode 31 of the Defining Success Podcast where he shared with our listeners the stories of failure and success that the entrepreneurs who appeared on Shark Tank have faced.  Because we got along so well and Rey valued my opinion, he asked me to review his book before the launch.  You can see my book review of Conversations with Shark Tank Winners here –

I feel very fortunate to have met Rey Ybarra and those who have appeared on the show Shark Tank.  Rey’s book has a lot of very interesting insights about the guest who have appeared on the hit ABC Reality TV Show Shark Tank and I’d definitely recommend Conversations with Shark Tank Winners to any entrepreneur looking to build a successful business.

Thank you Rey for including me and giving me the opportunity to interview you, to invite me to your book launch and for all the kind words and exposure you’ve given to the Defining Success Podcast.  Great job!


Episode 42: Engagement vs. Automation | Rick Mulready from the Inside Social Media Podcast

In Episode 42 of the Defining Success Podcast, Rick Mulready shares his thoughts and ideas on social media for small and medium-sized businesses.  During our conversation we discuss the pros and cons of engagement and automation.  We also discuss the power of social media and how building genuine, authentic relationships can help grow any business.

Rick Mulready from the Inside Social Media Podcast discussing Engagement vs. Social Media

Rick Mulready

Rick Mulready is the host of the Inside Social Media Podcast.  His podcast is a place to learn secrets, insights and strategies from heads of social media for some of the most powerful brands in the world.

Rick has been in the Internet marketing world for 12 years.  He spent 5 years at AOL in Virginia.  He moved to the West Coast after that and spent 2 years at Yahoo as an advertiser.  After Yahoo, he went to Vibrant Media and then he went to Funny or Die and went back to Vibrant.  While Rick was at Funny or Die, he saw that there was a minimum spend that people had to invest in order to advertise, but it left a lot of small businesses out.  At that time Rick saw Facebook starting to grow and he began to see the opportunities that small business could have in Facebook.  He jumped into Facebook advertising and taught himself everything he could about it.

During a flight, Rick was listening to a podcast with Gary Vaynerchuk who recommended two publications, Advertising Age, so you can get the big brand perspective and so you can get the perspective of what’s going on in the tech world.  Rick then saw that there was an opportunity to reach out to big brand companies and help share what big brands were doing in social media with small businesses.

Rick Mulready Automation vs. Engagement

Rick Mulready

The whole purpose of Rick’s podcast comes from a Tony Robbins quote where he finds someone who’s doing something successful and then copy what they’re doing.  Rick has been able to show his listeners what big brands are doing and how they can apply that to their small business.

Rick built up a large safety net, and had a lot of planning.  The job that Rick was doing paid really well, but he wasn’t happy, so he saved up a lot of money and made the jump to running the podcast.  He is working with clients showing them how they can achieve their business goals through social media.

As an advertiser, Rick didn’t like the way the advertising industry was set up because no matter how hard you worked you always were striving to meet new goals which Rick found very taxing.

Rick loves Twitter because it allows Rick to have quick conversations with people he wants to have conversations with.  It also allows Rick to listen to conversations that are going on in the social media world where he can jump in, engage and add value wherever he can.  Rick does enjoy Facebook advertising more than he loves Facebook itself.

Too many people don’t understand Facebook advertising and there is a great opportunity to reach out to highly targeted customers if you can understand and grasp how Facebook advertising works.

A common mistake many people make in social media is that they go out there and they start yelling.  Another common mistake is that people spread themselves too thin, get overwhelmed and then say social media doesn’t work.

Rick recommends finding one or two platforms that you love using and then stick with those and really dive in and engage deeply.  If you can do that you’ll soon see immense benefits in your business.

Rick says that some businesses may not even need social media and it may not be the best platform for them to get their business goals.  He recommends that businesses first establish goals and then determining the best course of action to reach their goals.  The explanation starts with what is your goal and then work backwards.

There are two trends that are really important.  Listening and engaging with you customers and using social media as an opportunity to serve your customers.  A lot of brands get it really well and many do not.  Rick says that in the future, location based social media marketing will take place, meaning that when you arrive at a destination, deals and discounts will be sent to people’s smart phones in an attempt to drive business.  Another trends that Rick sees is these short videos which can be used to tell a story for a business.

Rick says that the people who are automating their message are missing the point of social media.  One of the big problems people who jump onto social media face is dealing with automation vs. engagement.  The point of social media is to develop genuine relationships designed to lead to sales, and not to continually blast your sales message.  People do business with people they know, like and trust.  Show them they can know, like and trust you by authentically engaging with them.

When working with a business, Rick starts to figure out their goals and if social media can help them achieve their goals, you have to know what social media platform would be the best for them.  Learn your target market, figure out their goal and then learn how to be there.

The podcast has been working very well for Rick Mulready and the podcast was something he never thought he would be doing.  He’s always loved interviewing people and he still doesn’t know much about it, but a lot of people pushed him to start it.  And Rick understands that the podcast is a great way to connect with people.

The first episodes Rick launched were with the social media managers of Ford, McDonald’s and City.  He loves doing interviews and gets pumped up after he has an interview with people.

Rick Mulready Inside Social Media Podcast Zeb Welborn Defining Success Podcast Engagement vs. Automation

Rick Mulready

Engaging Discussion Questions:

  • What is your favorite social media platform?
  • What do you think of Vine and Instagram videos?
  • What is the best way to connect with potential customers on social media?

Links to Great Stuff:

  • Inside Social Media Podcast – “Through this blog and my podcast Inside Social Media, I give you inside access to heads of social media from the most successful brands in the world, as well as the smartest social media influencers around.”

Success Quotes:

  • “Success is having control of your time and being able to set how you spend that time.”
  • “If you’re automating your message and not really having that personalized conversation with people, they pick up on that very quickly.”
  • “Remember that it’s just as easy to unfollow someone in social media as it is to follow them and to remember that.”
  • “I like Twitter because it allows me to engage with my target audience and my customers the best.”
  • “Too many people get on social media and just start shouting.”

Episode 41: Take Action and Adjust Along the Way | Lain Ehmann from

Lain Ehmann does a lot of work online in the scrapbooking industry where she does online events, webinars, and has been able to monetize that to make a very successful business for herself.  In Episode 41 of the Defining Success Podcast Lain discusses how she’s been able to build a massive online following and been able to monetize her online efforts through event, webinars, and more.  When Lain first started she had no idea on the direction her business would take her, but she’d advice anyone interested in starting a new business to take action and adjust along the way.

Lain Ehmann Take Action and Adjust Along the Way on the Defining Success Podcast with Zeb Welborn

Lain Ehmann

Lain is a fast-talking, fast-scrapping human dynamo with three kids, tons of ideas, and more books than she could ever read in this lifetime. The author of several books on scrapbooking, including “Snippets: Mostly True Tales from the Lighter Side of Scrapbooking” and “20 Simple Secrets of Happy Scrapbookers” (co-authored with Stacy Julian), Lain loves sharing her philosophy of guilt-free, simple scrapbooking.

Lain Ehmann got involved in scrapbooking shortly after her son was born. Lain was a freelance journalist who mostly wrote on business and finance.  She was invited to a Scrapbooking party where people bought and shared scrapbooking ideas and she fell in love with scrapbooking.  She was also a born story-teller and scrapbooking fit in very well with her passion.  She started working less and less in journalism and she began writing more and more in scrapbooking magazines.  She began teaching classes and then dove headfirst into scrapbooking as her career.

The scrapbooking magazines that Lain were working for were declining and eventually both magazines she was working for folded and so, she was without a job.  She started a blog as a way to keep in touch with the people she was meeting as she was meeting at scrapbooking conventions.  She saw that a lot of knitters were doing webinars and she spent a year learning about Internet marketing, podcasting and hosting and in May 2010 she launched her website

The favorite thing Lain enjoys doing is live events which have really become the cornerstone of her online presence.  She does live virtual events and every month she puts on a scrapinar, a free monthly education session that is centered around a video training in a state-of-the-art webroom.  They use Cisco’s webex event center that Cisco uses for its international sales meetings.  It’s very robust and steady and is a great platform for everything they want to do.

They do video trainings once a month where Lain gets on the camera live and either provides some kind of training or announces someone who is going to give the training.  The training session is recorded, there is live chat and people arrange their schedule in order to attend the virtual event live.

In addition to her monthly session, several times a year she puts on larger events with 15 or 16 instructors in two days.  Lain serves as the host, produces the event and features the instructors.  It’s kind of like a Scrapapalooza.

Scrapbooking companies love the event because companies can’t be everywhere and this live event gives them access to scrapbookers all over the world.  These companies are allowed to target their customers like never before during these live events that Lain holds several times a year.

In the chatroom, people will chat and you get immediate feedback that you can not get in any other way and people love it.  The instructors can get the replay again and instructors can see where people were engaged and where they lost momentum.

Lain Ehmann Take Action Defining Success Podcast

Lain Ehmann

If you live in rural Ohio, the idea of traveling to a foreign city to attend an event is a barrier for a lot of people.  Lain realized she could bring instructors to people.  Scrapbookers have a lot of stuff and it becomes difficult to transport.  With these online virtual events, people can enjoy, chat and scrapbook along with others.  It’s really a lot of fun and they enjoy the live virtual events.

When you go to an online event there are no clicks, everyone is talking to everyone and it’s very friendly, open and supportive.

Many people find Lain online through social media.  She does a lot of YouTube videos, search engine optimization, relationship marketing, affiliate marketing, and podcasting.

Lain Ehmann has multiple streams of income:

  • Several big events a year where attendees pay to attend.
  • Monthly scrapinars are free to attend, but after a month, Lain charges her customers to get access to the content.
  • A membership site, where people pay a monthly fee to have access to the site.
  • Sponsorship opportunities

It seems like Lain does a lot of work, but she’s been really good at establishing repeatable systems.  She’s also been fortunate enough to hire people who have been able to help her manage the workload.

Lain started with one product, the layout a day class that she offered several times a year.  Originally she did it for free and didn’t see it as a big revenue generator and things began to evolve over time.  Things began gradually improving from there in order to get more customers and make more revenue for her business.  Everything grew from the natural progression of the business with people offering suggestions for improvement and Lain seized those opportunities and has been able to grow a successful business as a result.

Lain is most proud of bringing a group of passionate scrapbookers together who are willing to help each other learn and grow.  People know that they are going to come to Lain and get a dose of positivity.

In the future, Lain hopes to take the events she’s doing and model that for companies and manufacturers to reach her audience.  She has a large audience of scrapbookers who listen and follow her and there are companies that want access to that.  She can create these live events for companies and bring it to her audience.

Sometimes there is a tendency to look for the cheapest way to do anything and when I started I wish I didn’t do that.  The first live event I held was the cheapest and she had a problem with it.  But, finding people you trust for advice and investing where they tell you to invest.

A layout is a scrapbook page with the photos on it, also known as a scrapbook page.  A month-long class where she started a layout a day which she’s built on since to incorporate more of her business.

If you’re interested in hosting your own live events, Lain recommends taking a look at your audience and what you’re trying to accomplish to determine the best route to take when starting your live events/webinar.  Write down what you have to have and find the solution for that.  Once you find a handful of solutions, test them out to make sure it works before you do your event.

Lain Ehmann Take Action

Lain Ehmann

Engaging Discussion Questions:

  • Have you ever attended a webinar?
  • What are your thoughts on scrapbooking?
  • Have you been procrastinating to take action?  Why or why not?

Links to Great Stuff:

  • Layout a Day – “Take a helping of Rachael Ray, a sprinkle of Martha Stewart, and a dash of Ellen DeGeneres, shake well until blended, and what do you get? Lain Ehmann, scrapbook lover!”
  • Scrap Happy – “Want to Join the Happiest Group of Scrapbookers on the Interner? Well, We’d Love to Have You!”
  • Layout a Day: The Simple Scrapbooking Podcast – “Professional scrapbooker, author, and instructor Lain Ehmann talks the scrappy talk. Simple scrapbooking advice, fun stuff, updates, and more!”
  • Scrapbook Expo – The Premier Scrapbook Show
  • Weekly Scrapper – For the Everyday Scrapper

Success Quotes:

  • “Success is knowing what your passion is, working hard and helping other people through that.”
  • “Start by finding mentors, experts or coaches and following their advice.”
  • “Life is good, even if it’s not perfect.”
  • “A lot of it was really listening to my audience, hearing what resonated with them and doing more of that.”
  • “My number 1 goals was to make enough money so I didn’t have to go to work in an office.”
  • “These scrapinars allow the instructor or manufacturers to reach customers all over the world.”

Special Requets:


New Client! Facebook Page

We’re very excited to announce that we were recently hired by to help manage the Facebook page.

John Hakim from on the Defining Success Podcast with Zeb Welborn Know Before You Go

After appearing as a guest on the Defining Success Podcast, Johnny and I have become great friends and are even working on a book together on how golf courses can use the Internet to reach more golfers and encourage more golfers to play at their golf course more often.

Johnny is the owner of, a website made for golfers with an almost unlimited amount of features that golfers can use to enhance their enjoyment of the game.  Golfers can post scores, review golf courses, learn of golf course conditions and interact with others in the community.

The members who use the site regularly refer to themselves as GKers and even have regular golf outings where GKers can interact, get to know each other and play some golf.  As a lover of golf and promoter of the game, I am extremely excited to be working with Johnny to help more people interact in the GK community, reach more golfers and give golfers a better experience when they do decide to get out and play.

Johnny Hakim | How to Make Your Customers Become a Part of Your Business |

Johnny Hakim

Many of you may remember Johnny Hakim as our guest in the 35th episode of the Defining Success Podcast.  His episode was titled, Episode 35: Making Your Customers a Part of Your Business | Johnny Hakim from where he talked about how he’s been able to build a community around and get more members active and involved in the GK Community.

We’re really excited to be managing the Facebook page and encourage all of you to visit the page, like it, and interact with other GKers.

If you have any questions about how we can help you reach more customers, encourage customers to buy more and build a strong online presence for your business, please visit Welborn Media or contact me by email –


Episode 40: Building a Creative Community | Henry Valdez from Creative Minds & Visions

Creative Minds & Visions is a clothing company designed for people who want to live the creative life.  Henry Valdez has been able to bring countless people who are creative and talented to support his brand and has built his business by getting creative people to work with him and for him.  Learn how to building a creative community around your business can help make your business grow.

Henry Valdez from Creative Minds & Visions Clothing CMV Clothing on Building a Creative Community

Henry Valdez

Henry Valdez is the owner of Creative Minds & Visions, a clothing company located in Brea, CA. CMV Clothing is helping people live the creative life by sponsoring actors, athletes, musicians and people who make their living doing what they love.

Henry got started in the clothing business on a whim because he liked clothing and art.  Henry loves the creative process and has dabbled in art and has always loved and admired people who were willing to put it out there.  Henry began working with Michael Divine and Kelly Mort and they inspired each other to build a clothing company behind their work.

Creative Minds & Visions is working to become a global brand in the surf industry and street wear scene.  He would like to be in Japan, Europe and foreign countries who like American design.

The type of people who wear Creative Minds & Visions clothing are people who are creative, forward-thinking and people who think outside of the box.  Henry likes people who question authority and question everything.

The best selling item Creative Minds & Visions has up to this point is a women’s tank top called Long Road.  It’s a great fit for ladies who love it.  On the men’s side, it’s a tie between the Hometown shirt and their Cali Bear Hat.  People that live in the state of California love both of those shirts.  People who live in California have been representing California a lot more recently.

Creative Minds & Visions sponsors several amazing people.  Chris Culley is an amazing person and an amazing fighter.  He trains extremely hard and he’s a great guy to work with and he recently won the title for BAMMA USA.  Jennifer Argenti is an amazing athlete, musician and world-class surfer.  Micah Brown is an extremely talented musician.  And Adrian Olmos is a saxophone player and an incredible musician and you can rarely see anyone who’s as talented as he is.

Many players on the Anaheim Angels have worn Creative Minds & Visions, many famous musicians have been wearing their stuff and many other celebrities and people of influence.

In the beginning, Henry thought he had such a great response for the designs they created and people liked them too much that he thinks he may have ordered more merchandise than he should have.  He thinks it’s a bad decision, but also a blessing in disguise.  He thinks it was a mistake, but now they have merchandise which has helped him grow his business.

In the Native American culture, they look at illness and failures as a blessing and he takes that very seriously with his business and understands that mistakes will happen, but that those mistakes will give him an opportunity to learn.

There have been so many people that have been attached to designs and no matter what they’ve done, Henry has found that people have loved and connected with their shirts.  Overall, Creative Minds & Visions has created a lot and people who he really respects have given him great feedback and it gives him a great sense of satisfaction.

Bonnaroo has been the greatest experience for Creative Minds & Visions.  It was a great accomplishment for CMV Clothing and for them to get their product together and to have the impact they did, it was a huge success.  They reached customers in twelve new states and three more countries.  It was a great learning experience and was amazing.

Henry Valdez and Chris Culley on the Defining Success Podcast with Zeb Welborn Creative Minds & Visions CMV Clothing Building a Creative Community

Henry Valdez and Chris Culley

Engaging Discussion:

  • How important is creativity to your business?
  • Do you think having like-minded individuals who can help your business?
  • What do you think it takes to live the creative life?

Links to Great Stuff:

  • Creative Minds & Visions – Creative Minds & Visions Clothing is located in Brea, CA devoted to spreading creativity and encouraging others to Live the Creative Life.
  • BAMMA USA – “BAMMA USA is a Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) promotional company specializing in creating live entertainment featuring both professional and amateur combatants.”
  • Micah Brown – “Micah Brown’s music derives from the blues, rock-n-roll, and outlaw country that drenched the garage while wrenching with dad growing up. Micah has quickly made his ever-broadening audience take notice of his brash and unique, dexterous way around a fretboard. He’s also become known for his milky smooth, deft command of his voice, using it to express passion, emotion, and positive inspiration.”
  • Jennifer Argenti – “Featured in concert by WILLIE NELSON. ‘Instrumental Artist of the Year’. WSA Surfing Champion. Top 4 in 2011 Quiksilver USA Surfing Championships.”
  • Bonnaroo – “Imagine a magical, peaceful city of 80,000 happy people that pops up out of a 700-acre Tennessee farm for four days every June. Fill it with multiple stages jumping with 150 acts, music legends and up-and-comers. Along with comedy, film, theater, visual arts, rides, food, fireworks and more.”
  • Michael Divine – “Michael is at the forefront of a resurgent creative wave that draws it’s inspiration not just from art theory and intellectual ideas but also from the basic principles of what it is to lead a healthy and vibrant life. His spirited and vivacious artwork falls in step with a long tradition of artists who base their work on their interpretive visions. His paintings – with their imaginative wonder and deeper spiritual underpinnings – reference ancient traditions, modern artistic explorations, and contemporary themes.”
  • Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim – A Major League Baseball team located in Anaheim, CA.

Success Quotes:

  • “Success is when you find something you’re passionate about that you can turn into your career.”
  • “Success is where happiness and passion meet and collide with your goals and your career.”
  • “We try to be good people and the type of people who we want to attract to our business.”

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Creative Minds & Visions Clothing


Eighty Bugs Song Universal in Microsoft’s New International Marketing Campaign

An update from former guest on the Defining Success Podcast, Eighty Bug.  Eighty Bugs song Universal recently got picked up by Microsoft for their new, international marketing campaign.

For those of you that need a refresher on Eighty Bug, she appeared in Episode 38 of the Defining Success Podcast in the episode titled – “Episode 38: Having Multiple Passions is Okay! | Eighty Bug from

Eighty Bugs song Universal in Microsofts new international marketing campaign

Eighty Bug

Eighty was also gracious enough to take the time to create the intro music for the Defining Success Podcast which we are extremely grateful for.  She is very passionate and was willing to put that together for us free of charge, just because that’s the type of person she is.

The 30 second spot is for Microsoft’s campaign for a new generation of PC.  In the video, they are promoting some of the latest Windows 8 ultrabooks, convertibles and all in ones.

Watch the video here:  A New Generation of PCs

In two weeks, the YouTube video has already received more than 40,000 views and increasing drastically every day.

Let us know what you think of the commercial and Eighty Bugs song Universal by commenting below.  Thank you everyone and I hope you have a great day!