Golf Tournament at Malibu Golf Club

Johnny GK, aka Johnny Hakim, the owner of invited me to play in a Golf Tournament on Saturday, July 27 at Malibu Golf Club.  He paired me up with former Defining Success Podcast guest, Jay Miller and a new friend of his, Alexandra O’Laughlin.

Zeb Welborn, Jay Miller, Alexandra O'Laughlin and Johnny Hakim at a Golf Tournament at Malibu Golf Club Golf Tournament

You may remember Johnny Hakim and Jay Miller as previous guests on the Defining Success Podcast.  Johnny Hakim is the owner of and if you’re a golfer, I strongly encourage you to check them out. provides a variety of services including: golf course information, score/index tracking, maintenance and aeration alerts, schedules golf outings and gives golfers an opportunity to socialize and connect with one another online.

Jay Miller is the Director of Business Development for Golf Card International and he and I just finalized plans to offer a free 3-month trial membership to Golf Card International for anyone who is associated with 19th Hole Media.  If you’re interested in getting your FREE golf card, please go here –

Alexandra O’Laughlin is a collegiate level golfer and successful model.  She plans on working in the golf industry for years to come, perhaps working for the Golf Channel or reporting on golf for television.

Almost a Double Eagle, Albatross at a Golf Tournament

Almost a Double Eagle

We had a great time at the tournament and it was a great success.  I even almost had a double eagle with the ball lending centimeters from the hole, leaving me with a three foot putt for eagle which I made.  It’s always a great time to get in a round of golf with successful people, especially three golfers whom I admire and get along with really well.

After being a guest on the Defining Success Podcast, Johnny Hakim and I have decided to write a book for golf course owners, and general managers on how to use social media to reach more golfers and encourage golfers to play golf more often.  We have been working feverishly and hope to be done with the book within the next couple of months.

Stay tuned for more exciting news from and Welborn Media in our next Defining Success Podcast newsletter!