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Episode 114: Follow Through on Your Promises | Jaime De La Torre

Jaime De La Torre Owner of DLT Growers and Monte Vista Farms - Follow Through On Your Promises

Jaime De La Torre

In Episode 114, our 99th interview on the Defining Success Podcast, Jaime De La Torre shares his thoughts on business, success and how important it is to follow through on your promises.  Jaime owns two successful nurseries in Southern California and knows what it takes to build a successful business.

Jaime De La Torre is the owner of DLT Growers founded in 1987 and Monte Vista Farms. After having worked 8 years for different groundcover nurseries, he decided to try his luck and start his own groundcover nursery. It soon became a family business, as many of Jimmy’s family members joined the company. Even though they started off small, they slowly grew and became one of the largest groundcover businesses in southern California.

Jaime De La Torre grew up in Guadalajara at 9 years old.  He went to the local farmers market and help build his uncles business.  Before 9 years old he had an entrepreneurial spirit by selling gum on the street and by helping carry groceries from their local grocery store.

He moved to the United States around the 8th grade and dropped out of school.  He started working at a nursery at 16 years old and quickly moved his way up the ranks to a sales person at 17 years old.

He used to go and sell on Mondays and Tuesdays and he did so well that he generated $500,000 in sales for one of the nurseries he worked for.  He started saving money and eventually started his own business with his Father and his Uncle, DLT Growers.

When he started the business, it was hard to buy materials because many of his competitors didn’t want to sell to him, but he was excellent at selling and growing his products.

He now services clients all over Southern California including around 140 Home Depot stores.

His business grew and he and his brother started a new business venture, Monte Vista Farms.


  • “Ever since I was a little kid I always thought of doing something that I can do (well).”
  • “I would always be friends with everybody.”