Episode 118: Ten Top Tips for Direct Sales | Vicki Fitch


Vicki Fitch bought her first house at 19, started her first company at the age of 20, became a serial entrepreneur and was in the Top 10 of Sales and/or Recruiting for more than 10 years consecutively in her direct sales company all while raising a family.  In Episode 118 of the Defining Success Podcast, … read the full article…

Episode #13: Adjust Your Sails to Increase Your Sales | Nick Ruiz from RecycledGoGetter.com


Nick Ruiz made a name for himself in the real estate business and ran into some difficult times when the economy crashed around 2008. He’s now starting a new project called www.RecycledGoGetter.com where he helps you increase your sales. In this interview of the Defining Success Podcast Nick Ruiz shares his expertise on business and real … read the full article…

Episode 114: Follow Through on Your Promises | Jaime De La Torre


Jaime De La Torre

In Episode 114, our 99th interview on the Defining Success Podcast, Jaime De La Torre shares his thoughts on business, success and how important it is to follow through on your promises.  Jaime owns two successful nurseries in Southern California and knows what it takes to build a successful business.

Jaime De … read the full article…

Episode 106: Capitalizing on Great Ideas | David Frood from The Thinking Corporation


In Episode 106 of the Defining Success Podcast, David Frood discusses capitalizing on great ideas.  David is behind The Thinking Corporation which advocates creating a system whereby employees and others can bring ideas to corporations for the benefit of all involved.  Learn how you can start capitalizing on great ideas in your organization.

David Frood developed The … read the full article…

Episode 100: Success is a Lifestyle | Frank Ortiz from A Shot At Happiness Events


Frank Ortiz is a good friend of mine.  We’re both involved at the Chino Valley Chamber of Commerce so I see him regularly. One of the themes that came up several times in the interview today is that success is a lifestyle. It’s not something that you can turn on and off. In this episode, … read the full article…

Episode 97: Giving Recognition | David Long, Founder of My Employees and Author of Built to Lead


David Long is the author of Built to Lead – 7 Management R.E.W.A.R.D.S. Principles for Becoming a Top 10% Manager. During this interview he talks about his R.E.W.A.R.D.S, an acronym, and how you can apply that to make your employees much more effective. The thing I want to point out in this interview is David’s … read the full article…

Episode 96: Outside Your Comfort Zone | Niveen Salem, Multi-Level Marketing and former Chevron Executive


Niveen Salem is in the MLM marketing business, so the multilevel marketing business. During the interview she talks about personal development and how important that is to success. You know improving yourself, making yourself better, and she’s going to talk about getting outside your comfort zone and more in the interview today.

Niveen Salem is a … read the full article…

Episode 95: Delivering the Wow | Corey Poirier, professional speaker, radio show host and author of the Conversations With book series


Corey has done so many cool things and he’s interviewed thousands of people. He used to be a professional comedian and now he’s a professional speaker giving speaking engagements to corporations and to people who are looking for a little bit of motivation and inspiration to go out and do cool amazing things. One of … read the full article…

Episode 94: Don’t Dwell on the Past | James Maioho, Author of Winners Give Up!


James Maioho is the author of Winners Give Up! which is a little play on words there. I think most people would stay that winners don’t give up, but in this case it’s giving up the baggage or things that you are holding on to that are holding you back from achieving the things you … read the full article…

Episode 92: Leadership and Trust | Wally Hauck, Author of The Art of Leading and Stop the Leadership Malpractice


Wally Hauck is the author of two different books on leadership. One of the things Wally talks about extensively in this interview is leadership and trust. Trust between the manager and someone that person is managing. If you are interested in becoming a leader or you think you are in a leadership capacity in some … read the full article…

Episode 89: Use a Media Kit to Stand Out | Farnoosh Brock, President of Prolific Living


Farnoosh Brock is the author of several books. She has two put out by a traditional publisher. They are The Healthy Juicer’s Bible and The Healthy Smoothie Bible. Today she is going to talk to us about a variety of different topics, mostly about getting a book published, how that whole process works and her … read the full article…

Episode 88: Being Present with People | Dr. Mollie Marti, Director of the Community Resiliency Project and Author of Walking with Justice


Dr. Mollie Marti has been a lawyer, a psychologist, a university professor, an author, and is now the director of a nonprofit organization. One of her mentors growing up was a judge. Judge Max Rosenn, he’s since passed away, but she wrote a book about his experience. He was one of those extremely influential people … read the full article…

Episode 83: Continually Learning and Volunteering | Peter Rogers, Commercial Photographer and Chino Hills City Council Member


Peter Rogers has been continually learning and volunteering throughout his life. He has his own photography business and is on the city council of Chino Hills in California, the town I grew up in. The way the city council works in Chino Hills is he gets elected to city council and then once every term … read the full article…

Episode 80: Networking vs Working a Room with the Mingling Maven | Susan RoAne, Author of How To Work a Room


This episode I interview the Mingling Maven, Susan RoAne. She is the author of How to Work a Room. In the interview she gives great ideas on having conversations with people, how to start those conversations, and how to feel comfortable in those scenarios. One of the things she highlighted was the difference between working a … read the full article…

Episode 79: Social Media and ROI | Brian Basilico owner of B2b Interactive Marketing


Brian Basilico is the owner of his own social media company. One of the things we talked about was return on investment, and looking at ROI when you are using social media and actually for many things you are probably doing.

Brian Basilico is the owner of B2B Interactive Marketing. B2b Interactive Marketing combines audio, video, interactive, … read the full article…