The Defining Success Podcast with Zeb Welborn is attempting to define the word success.  I’ve always wondered what makes successful people successful.  Why do they succeed while so many others fail?

This podcast will set out to help answer that question and shed light on what makes successful people successful.  We will be interviewing people across the world who have become successful doing something they love.  I believe that everyone can find a job they can be successful at and love at the same time.

This podcast is designed to show other people that it is possible to achieve your dreams . . . and that all it takes is hard-work, commitment and dedication.

One question will be asked in every single episode . . . “Define Success . . . And do you believe you are successful?  Why or why not?

Learn what it takes to become successful and listen to our podcast.  Every interview is unique and has it’s own unique insight into determining what has made the interviewee successful.  Learn from the best, subscribe to our podcast and comment freely.  It is my hope that as a society we will begin to change our beliefs about success and what characteristics make up a successful person.

Thank you so much for being a listener of our podcast.  If there is anything I can do for you, please don’t hesitate to contact me.