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Episode 100: Success is a Lifestyle | Frank Ortiz from A Shot At Happiness Events

Frank Ortiz shares how Success is a LifestyleFrank Ortiz is a good friend of mine.  We’re both involved at the Chino Valley Chamber of Commerce so I see him regularly. One of the themes that came up several times in the interview today is that success is a lifestyle. It’s not something that you can turn on and off. In this episode, pay attention to that theme, and listen to the advice that Frank gives about how success is a lifestyle, it’s something that you need to maintain throughout your life and not something that you can turn on and off as you choose. It’s a great episode and I hope you all enjoy!

Frank Ortiz from A Shot of Happiness Events has spoken to thousands of people over his career. He has been extremely successful at motivating and mentoring Sales Force Teams in the Automotive Industry as well as women in the Beauty Industry for the last thirty years.

Zeb’s Take – Success is a Lifestyle

It was really good talking with Frank. YHim and I see each other all the time, but we don’t usually get to talk that much. I sat down with him yesterday for really the first time we had a nice talk, really got to know each other. I invited him to be on the show today. But, I’ve always known that he’s a smart guy, knows a lot about motivation, knows how to get people motivated.

One of the things he brought up consistently throughout this episode was that success is a lifestyle. He brought up the story about Tiger Woods and how when everything went south with his wife and it came out that he was cheating on his wife with these other people and how his performance suffered as a result. If you look at successful people, successful people live a well-balanced life because success is a lifestyle. They do everything the way they should. They are good people, for the most part. If you live your life that way, that’s really the way that leads to happiness, that leads to fulfillment, those are two things that I think make people successful as well. Not just that they are making a lot of money, not just that they are doing good at their job, but that they are good genuine people.

When you have that mindset and success is your lifestyle; when you are doing everything towards your goal, towards your mission, towards your purpose and everything that you do is facilitated toward the purpose then you are going to be much more successful as a result. For those of you out there if you are trying to find success, trying to be someone of influence, someone who makes a difference in the world, you have to live that lifestyle. You can’t just turn it on when you come into work and turn it off when you leave. It’s got to be something that you live with day in and day out. Success is a lifestyle.

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Now, go out there and find your success!

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