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Episode 104: The Travelers Guide to Wisdom | Host of the Travel Wisdom Podcast Ladan Jiracek

Ladan Jiracek with the Mechanical Leech Team

Ladan Jiracek

Ladan Jiracek is the host of the Travel Wisdom Podcast where he interviews entrepreneurs and successful people about how travel has changed their outlook on life.  He’s currently living in Dresden, Germany going to school for Nanobiophysics and has traveled to more than 80 countries.  Ladan is trying to teach people that traveling can be much more than just having fun. That people can learn valuable life lessons from traveling and he’s working to show others how traveling can lead to a more fulfilling and successful life.

The show is essentially that travel speeds up the wisdom that you earn in your life. By going out and getting vastly different experiences than what you are normally used to, you grow as a person in ways such as social skills, stress management, dating, language learning, and many other skills that ultimately make you a better person.

At the end of new experiences in completely new places one comes back seemingly wiser than those they left behind. This can translate to improvements in business, career, personal relationships, problem solving, and generally empathy toward others viewpoints.

Ladan has interviewed many very interesting guests in the field of travel, working abroad, dating abroad, making passive income, how travel helps entrepreneurship, and many more topics. The guests have all talked about how their lives were very heavily influenced by having new experiences and doing new things such as those during travel. The world is vastly different if you reach outside of your immediate area and doing so can help you in innumerable ways in life.

He also talks about ways to be able to travel. Things like travel hacking and making the most of your money while you’re abroad are very important to make sure you do not come back in debt. Subjects such as paying for your trip, what to pack, where to stay, how to move, what to wear, learning languages, and many other things are covered. In this way you can learn from the mistakes of others to save yourself time and money. Their tips and wisdom can also help you save time, energy and money while planning your stay abroad.

The last thing he talks about is funny and interesting experiences that happened to him or his guests. There are many very amusing stories that are worth retelling. Some also serve as lessons as what to do or what not to do.

This podcast is aimed towards those that have or are thinking about backpacking, taking a year off, working abroad, studying abroad, or anybody else seeing new places. Although it mostly focuses on making the first step for beginners, even the most experienced travelers will have much to learn and share with this podcast.

Ladan has travelled to over 80 countries and they include such colorful areas such as Somalia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Cambodia, Rwanda, and former Soviet Georgia.

Ladan Jiracek from the Travel Wisdom Podcast

Travel Wisdom Podcast

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Ladan is the host of the Travel Wisdom Podcast.  He’s currently in school in Dresden, Germany studying Nanobiophysics.  He has won numerous entrepreneurial awards and is considering buying a hostel in Germany.


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Ladan Jiracek