Episode 105: Create Moments that Matter | Andy Hayes from Plum Deluxe

Andy Hayes from Plum Deluxe Create Moments that Matter

Andy Hayes

Andy Hayes is the founder of Plum Deluxe.  Plum Deluxe is the website that helps you create moments that matter. We believe that the key to living a life you love is all about making time every day for great moments. From a mindful minute with yourself to special occasions shared with friends and family, Plum Deluxe has fresh ideas for living the good life.

Andy’s mother passed away from cancer and once she was diagnosed she decided to “live the good life.”  And his website, Plum Deluxe is devoted to helping people live the good life.  Learn how Andy is helping others to create moments that matter.

When Plum Deluxe started, they focused on travel.  When he started he listened to what people were telling him about how to create revenue for his blog.  Eventually, he learned how to market and promote his blog by himself and did a great job doing it.

Plum Deluxe partners with sponsors, does some affiliate marketing, planning community events, and selling tea by creating a tea of the month club.

Events are a tough business to be in because people in different cities want different things.

People really appreciate that he gives them the opportunity to choose by learning about something new in a safe way.  The Plum Deluxe newsletter is also an award-winning newsletter.

Create Moments that Matter Andy Hayes from Plum Deluxe on the Defining Success Podcast with Zeb Welborn

Plum Deluxe

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Success Quotes:

  • “There is a million ways for every business to thrive so you have to find yours.”
  • “Go try things and see what does work and what doesn’t work.”
  • “The thing that people crave the most … is connection.”
  • “You should never go cheap when you’re buying luggage and sheets.”
  • “Success is defining a goal that would make you feel good about where you are in achieving that.”

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Plum Deluxe Create Moments that Matter

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