Episode 117: How to Use Help a Reporter Out (HARO) | Michael Kawula

Michael Kawula is going to teach you how to use Help a Reporter Out, also known as HARO.  We’re going to walk you through how to set up an account, how to receive HARO emails, how to effectively respond to queries from reporters, and how to get your articles published on sites like Entrepreneur Magazine, Forbes, Fox, the Huffington Post, and much, much more.

Michael Kawula has bought and sold several different businesses. The last two companies Michael has started have both grown to Million Dollar plus businesses both in under three years each. Inc. Magazine ranked the latest company the 144th fastest growing company in 2012.

Michael has been interviewed by Anthony Robbins, featured on CNN and written up and aired on 100’s of podcast, radio stations, and national publications.

Most recently Michael has written a number 1 Amazon bestselling Social Media book “Connect”, and it’s ranked 1 of the top 15 books to read for 2015.

Michael works from Tampa with the Florida team and spends his free time with his three children and wife at the beach and his dog Buster always by his feet.

Help a Reporter Out (HARO) is a free tool.  To use HARO visit HelpAReporterOut.com and sign up.  When you sign up you’ll receive emails three times a day:  morning, afternoon and night.

Here’s an article written by Michael Kawula on How To Use Help a Reporter Out.

Michael Kawula on How to Use Help a Reporter Out

Michael Kawula

Reporters can ask for sources on a particular topic through HARO and you can be used as a source for those articles.  They will include a headline for the article their looking for information on and you can respond to the topics that you feel you can add some value through.

You just make great networks by using this online tool, HARO.

Here are some quick tips on how to use Help a Reporter Out:

  • Be Fast
  • Be Brief and Precise
  • Be Clever
  • Don’t Use Links
  • Use a Creative Headline
  • Go to Twitter to Connect with Authors
  • Respond to the Question Asked
  • Use Facebook
  • Use LinkedIn
  • Use Google Alerts
  • Spell Correctly
  • Don’t Be Promotional
  • Don’t Include Links
  • Don’t Be Afraid to Follow Up

*To be a reporter you must have an Alexa score under 1,000,000.

Would you be able to Help a Reporter Out with one of these?

How to Use Help a Reporter Out

Help a Reporter Out

Success Quotes:

  • Speed is the most important thing when it comes to HARO.
  • Your net worth is your network


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Michael Kawula on How to Help a Reporter Out HARO

Michael Kawula