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Two Eggs Any Style

What is Two Eggs Any Style?

To those of you that are regular listeners of the Defining Success Podcast you may know that we have a very talented man who is working behind the scenes to help make the Defining Success Podcast so successful.

Mike Jimenez is the engineer/editor of The Defining Success Podcast.

Mike works tirelessly behind the scenes to edit the podcasts and make sure the sound quality is the best it possibly can be.  While he’s not working for us he’s working on a variety of other projects.

One of his biggest projects is an upcoming independent film titled, Two Eggs Any Style.  Mike worked on the script for the film which takes place in an American desert diner.  The movie tells overlapping stories of comedy, drama, and death in the lives of the patrons and one waitress.

Two Eggs Any Style, Mike Jimenez and the Defining Success Podcast

Two Eggs Any Style

The director and producers are crowdsourcing in order to fund the film which they plan on shooting in November. With your help we can make a great film and get it out for the world to see. More details and a list of donation incentives can be found on the fundraising page:

You can also check out Mike in another film he was able to act in called Taaape – He’s the one who really enjoys tape –

If you love the Defining Success Podcast, please do whatever you can to help Mike Jimenez and his crowdsourcing project to help him and his friends in their goal to make the full-length feature film, Two Eggs Any Style.  Mike is a great guy and does so much to make the Defining Success Podcast possible.  Any help would be greatly appreciated . . . If you donate enough you can even be in the movie!